First blog post


Oh, hello there. My name is Jessica Waites and I am officially starting this blog for several reasons.

  1. My baby is starting to play on her own and allows me a fraction of a second of extra time to write.
  2. She has also inspired me to write as much as I can so I can tell her later on that I loved something so much that I just did it, even though no one paid me (although I’m accepting offers) and if you really love to do something, just do it.
  3. And lastly, I think it’s a great way to exercise my mind before I only know how to speak in baby babble.

Above is a picture of me. I’m in the middle trying to hide my baby bump, but I see now I may have picked the wrong prop in which to hide it.  My husband is on the right and that there on the left is Lance Berkman. I hope this stirs up some general interest in what this site is going to be about. There will be babies, baseball, movies, music, general musings about life and more. Thank you checking it out!


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