What’s So Great about Renfest? Everything!


When you live in Houston, by the month of August you are begging Mother Nature to do you a solid and lower the temperature from 120 to at least 100, maybe lower if she’s feeling generous. As the fall season approaches a few things happen, a renewed sense of hope that it won’t be blisteringly hot forever, we say goodbye to baseball, hello football (JJ Watt!) and the Texas Renaissance Festival once again graces us with its bold and lively presence.

The Renaissance Festival, or RenFest, is located about 50 miles Northwest of Houston in Todd Mission, TX. Expect bottlenecking on the roads the closer you get, the main route is not especially equipped to handle such huge amounts of traffic. But why should that change? It is only once a year where the city’s residents flock to this otherwise rural and quiet piece of land to have an experience of a lifetime. Once you enter the festival, it is very open and spread out. The crowd is dispersed and will leave you and your family plenty of room to explore.

Here’s where the fun begins. All of the costumed performers are in character all the time; whether you are purchasing meat-on-a-stick, playing festival games, bargaining with shop merchants or simply passing by one of the many performers that are walking around and mingling with guests. Can it get a little bawdy? Sure! Is it over the top? Absolutely! That’s what makes it so special. Plus, you have highly entertaining stage shows running round the clock, a petting zoo, elephant rides, food that any reasonably sane person would probably only indulge in once a year (call back to the meat-on-the-stick), beer, unique artisans, more beer, craft vendors, games and of course, so much more you almost want to go in with a blank slate just to be surprised. By the end the whole family will be speaking with an old timey English accent! Okay, that statement may not be appealing to everyone and, honestly, it’s not likely to happen. However, I highly recommend making the excursion to the Northwest Houston territory to check it out. Bring your family; bring out of town guests! I loved going as a child, then with friends as a teenager, and now as full-blown adult with kids of my own.

Check out their website for ticket information and a list of their themed weekends. I’ve got my sights set on the Barbarian Invasion weekend, but I’m just freaky like that. And bonus, on certain days, kids are free! Have fun! Let me know your favorite part of the Texas Renaissance Festival!