The Real Birth Day – 1 Year Ago


On July 14th, 2015 at 9pm, I walked into the hospital and told the lady at the desk that I had an appointment. For the week prior, I had known about this day. At this point, I had no labor pains and no real discomfort, other than the extra 40 pounds I was carrying. In the next 24 hours, I had no food, no drinks, no sleep, 2 epidurals and was hooked up to what felt like an assortment of different cords and cables. Helpful and necessary I’m sure, but they made it really hard to traipse around the room. Then on July 15th, exactly one day after we checked in, she was born. I learned a few things outside of the obvious while I was there.

  1. Tell the doctors and nurses if you have a special condition, even if you don’t think it matters. For example, I have scoliosis and it caused me to have to endure a 2nd epidural because the first needle missed its mark. No one asked me so I never said anything, but, trust me, I wish I would have told someone in advance.
  2. Getting induced is not an easy process. Look it up first and forget about being shy.
  3. You’ll get asked a whole bunch of private questions, so if you have a partner you haven’t been honest with, send them off on an errand when the hospital staff tells you they have more questions. I didn’t have this problem, but just remember, there are no secrets in Laborville.

It has been one whole year since then and the family will be celebrating my daughter’s first birthday this weekend. I actually just signed up to win a much needed Babies R Us gift card at The Mommy Files in hopes of snagging her an extra special present. Check out this great giveaway before July 11, 2016!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!